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November 2, 2014



September 9, 2014


slamming one-two-three

July 4, 2014


dogs of church

April 25, 2014


I turn her over and force her to look at a life-sized porcelain tiger. Her heart pooped and tiger grrrrd. I turn her over and force her to look at other things that are weird. She is possessed. I can’t tell if I was the demon entering her body or the priest performing her an exorcism. I turn her over and force her to look at the church. I turn her over and force her to look at the dogs barking at the church. I turn her over and force her to look unconscious. I turn her over and she eats freely off my lap. She is a lap dog. Lapping up milk and just eating. She eats dog of farm. She eats 23 year old bulldog. She eats thick butch women. Strong women; women athletes like basketball players and long distance runners. She eats women that build boats, women that race sail boats, and women that cut down wood. Women that stomp around kicking cannibal chimpanzee. She eats slow and fast and hard. She eats for pleasure. She eats police officer, deputy, dispatcher, and 911 Operator. She eats so many things. I turn her over and force her to fuck her own face. I bend her further and longer away from me.

b and b movie

April 1, 2014


We were curious of another kind of hole. We put things in my butt. So many things have been in my butthole; human bodied things like rubber dead hand and rubber dead foot, skin colored action figures, turbo jet engine, high speed printer, lubricated glider pen, rolled up babe calendar, blue crayon, terminator, predator, and apocalypse. Face swap your mouth on my butthole, orange flip and lady danger red, face fuck, two faced, a fake face cause my face got bit really hard and now I have a shiny face, a glowing face from a dog bite. A solid persona, no frowning, no smiling, no winking at women, no kissing at men, no eating food cause my face can’t chew. No calories. My teeth are accessories = an ugly gold chain but no cavities. My face shines so shiny. Take my face off, turn my face on, manipulate my face, cum on my face, my hard face.

hot rolling player

January 16, 2014


blocks video (test)

December 28, 2013



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