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metal horning

October 31, 2013


I want to lick her teeth. I want to wipe her ass with my tongue. I want her bending and punching inside of me. I want her stabbing and kicking me. I want to hash tag her; #dood #babe #big #daddy #slut #pink #sock #me. I want to pump her full of coins. She has the meanest biggest bad boy dogs on the block. Her dogs hate the church.

“Her dogs are pagans and hedonists.” – Patrick Braden Woody

I take a picture of my dick with a cell phone. She’s drunk and lonely and whooping her rear-view over the stovetop kitchen. I’m going to cook her. Slow cook her and smoke her out. Bake her into a pie. I want her hot and sweating and bent over. She is ready. I serve her to myself. I blow on her and cool her down. The heat escapes and I blow it back in her face. I fuck it into her mouth. Her teeth break against my dick. She is a turnip and I am a jack-o-lantern head.

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