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August 11, 2013


The shape shifting dick is fast and hard shape shifting. At first the shape is simple. A shape we learn about in early math. In our childhood. We see the shape but we don’t feel the shape. Shape shifting square dick to pentagon dick to octagon dick or rhombus dick to dodecahedron dick to pentagonal trapezohedron dick… disgusting. And then back to a square or circle. The shape shifting dick is fast and hard shape shifting inside my mouth or butthole. The shape shifting dick is that game you play of the bathtub. Washing off the geometry. Hot water and nice soaps rub you cleaner. A finger down and around your back spells out an imaginary letter or word. From “D” to “I” to “C” to “K.” Angle – I want to fuck your dick, angle – I want you to fuck my dick, angle – your dick is so cool, angle – put your dick in my dick, angle – what if I bite your butthole? The right angle. All these angles and so many positions; face-to-face position, hands-and-knee position, horizontal position, handicapped position, the glowing triangle, magic mountain, pile driver position, plow, peg, pancake spin, pivot, pony mount, pop tart, punt, push-up, pillow pusher, couch surfer, double decking, docking, dip stick, kicking position, ghost rider position, the cat whisperer, chack, chacked, chacking, cherry flip, choke, split, spit, spreading, sphinx, spider position, hidden serpent, from behind, face down, human bridge, wheel barrow, rowing boat, and ship wrecked position. All these positions and so many surface areas (areas to cum on) kiss and cry area, seven minutes in heaven, in the basement, in the forest, skeletons in my closet, private parts, high-tops, Indian burn, rug rash, road rage, razor burn. All of these surface areas and so much glass in my mouth; pop, rocket pops, pop rocks, fun dips, kool-aid, big league chew, seed cake, birthday cake, wedding cake, and soul cake (spiced cake with raisins served on Halloween). When children are desperate to get their souls back.

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